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Nice Doors Grommit!!!

Having received worldwide recognition courtesy of Wallace & Grommit, Wensleydale Dairies have invested in a number of doors from BID Group at their facility near Ripon, North Yorkshire.



Wensleydale cheese has a heritage that spans centuries, with its roots firmly set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. First crafted in the 12th Century by a group of Cistercian monk settlers in Wensleydale, the art of Wensleydale cheese-making was perfected over time, and eventually found itself in the hands of local farmers’ wives. It wasn’t until 1897 when the first creamery was built in Hawes that Wensleydale cheese-making began on a large scale. However, the industrial depression of the 1930’s saw trading conditions become more difficult. Had it not been for Kit Calvert MBE, a now-legendary Yorkshire businessman, the Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese as we know it would not exist today.

Having been a loyal customer to BID for a number of years at their main production facility in Hawes, it was an easy choice to continue the partnership when a program of expansion and change of use took place at the remote site in Ripon. New rooms were created, new plant installed and new procedures put in place. As a result of this the need arose for some high speed doors from Klimate. On a couple of the required openings the standard Ardent door was more than suitable but, in the clean room, Wensleydale required extra levels of hygiene to maintain their high standards. Klimate provided them with two of their stainless steel doors which are ideal for this kind of environment as they can be situated in wash down areas as well as being interlocked to maintain the clean room.

Steve Mackay, Project Manager; Over the years I have had a lot of dealings with BID Group at various sites and have not yet been disappointed with the service offered or products supplied. All the new doors here were supplied to specification and, more importantly on time which is crucial when working to such important deadlines. The beauty about BID doors is the fact that they can be made to suit our requirements, one of which was that the external doors could only be opened by designated forklift truck traffic from the outside.”

In total this job consisted of 2 x Stainless Steel High Speed Doors, 2 x Standard High Speed Doors and 1 x Insulated Roller Shutter Door which has been sited on the entrance to the low risk stores.