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Lowland Doors


The key features of the Klimate door is the speed the doors open and close. Not only do the doors provide valuable energy savings by maintaining room temperature, but also reduces contamination and the ingress of vermin. The working environment is also improved by controlling the flow of traffic and the reduction to noise levels.



All Klimate doors are characterised by their low maintenance technology and low repair costs. With Klimate being a UK manufacturer, customers have immediate access to replacement component parts, especially for those doors that are under high usage and reliability is key. Each door is tailor-made to suit the site requirements and the environment the door is to operate in.

Klimate's unique range of high speed doors are already installed in over 2000 leading manufacturing and storage locations throughout the UK.

Together, the full range of high speed doors ensure a cost effective and energy efficient solution, whilst ensuring a clean and safe environment.


Key Benefits


  • Energy Saving
  • Low Maintenance
  • Product Reliability
  • Sound Reduction
  • Regulates Temperature
  • Dust and Vemin Control
  • Dampness and Humidity Control
  • Controls Traffic
  • Secondary Security
  • Fast Operation
  • Meets Health and Safety Requirements




 Find out full details on our Klimate range by viewing the Klimate website




Download our full Klimate Brochure here.