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Lowland Doors


Klimate High Speed Doors

The high speed door that is known for the speed it will open and close!

Not only do the doors provide valuable energy savings by maintaining room temperature, but also reduces contamination and the ingress of vermin. 




Roller Shutter Doors

Providing maximum access but still maintaining maximum security!

An easy to use, robust, fully galvanised door that can be operated via a direct drive and is manufactured right here in our own in-house production facility.





Fire Roller Shutter Doors

A robust fire shutter door that provides the same access and security as our standard roller shutter door, but has the advantage of providing up to a four hour delay on the spread of fire.





Insulated Roller Shutter Doors

These roller shutter doors are purpose built for industrial and commercial usage. Easy to use and provide protection from noise and draghts, these roller shutter doors are ideal for use in warehouses, factories through to commercial shop frontage, arenas and even car parks.




Sectional Overhead Doors

Our overhead doors are fully insulated and are recognised as the industry's standard for insulation requirements to meet building regulations. Robust, high quality and strong, these doors are suitable for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.





Loading Bays and Associated Equipment

The most efficient and reliable equipment for use on loading bays and warehouse facilities. As well as being a supplier of new products, we are pleased to announce that we can also offer a full refurbishment facility too. 





Steel Hinged Personnel Door Sets

Both strong and durable, our steel hinged personnel doors are ideal for both external emergency escapes and internal use personnel access too, whilst maintaining the same high level of security that is always required.





Automatic Doors

There are many variations of automatic doors, so we have created a universal operating system kit. This kit will suit any make or model of automatic door and is compatible with the majority of market leading operators.







PSM's Automatic traffic barrier is designed to offer long-term reliability, efficient operation and durability.

They incorporate an integral three-phase inverter driven motor and gearbox providing a smooth consistent operation.